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#twittwoch im Netz: Mehr Transparenz im Transparenz-Bericht von Twitter: In der Türkei, in Deutschland und in Frankreich wurde übrigens jedem fünften Löschantrag entsprochen.

Germany: We received six requests from Germany, including four requests from Jugendschutz regarding prohibited symbols and illegal discriminatory content. We withheld one account and one Tweet from a different account in response to these requests.

Russia: We received 1,729 removal requests from the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) regarding content determined to violate Russian laws, such as Federal Law 149-FZ. We withheld 14 accounts and 82 individual Tweets (pertaining to 74 accounts), which included content reported for promoting suicide and content posted by the controversial group known as Right Sector.

Turkey: We received 1,761 requests from Turkish authorities directing Twitter to remove content based on violations of personal rights and other local laws. For example, following terror attacks in Suruç, Ankara and Istanbul, we received requests to remove Tweets containing images of victims. In cases where the victims were identifiable, we withheld only those specific Tweets.

This reporting period also overlapped with Turkey’s follow-up elections in November of 2015. Between July and December of 2015, we filed legal objections with Turkish courts in response to 66% of the Turkish orders received, focusing many of our efforts on those demands seeking removal of content critical of public figures or allegations of corruption. Our objections prevailed 6% of the time.

  1. Ex-Apple: Natalie Kerris arbeitet jetzt für Twitter, und zwar als VP of Global Communications


Apps im Griff mit App

3. von Twitter hat jetzt eine App für iOS und Android. Das iPad ( iTunes, kostenlos ) wird noch nicht unterstützt. Fabric hilft Entwicklern, Fehler zu vermeiden, und kann im laufenden Betrieb einer App frühzeitig auf Probleme hinweisen.

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